Hello, I'm Sam!

I have many hobbies, you can find them all below!

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Here's a few of my skills/hobbies


I enjoy programming, in languages such as: PHP, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Java, VisualBasic, C#(minor), C++(minor)

Graphics Design

I have many years graphics design, its fun being able to make digital art!

Video Editing

I enjoy editing videos, I used to create lots of FPS Montage videos. After then, lots of "vlog styled" videos.

Music Producing

I have created music for many years now, it's mainly a hobby. All music I create is EDM, you can find my SoundCloud here


I live stream nearly every single day without fail, weekdays 9AM-5PM(maybe later hours too) and sometimes weekends. You can find my twitch channel here.

Youtube Channel

I do tutorials from time to time, mainly focused on web development. Currently I'm covering how to create a social media network in Laravel 5.2. Check it out here.

Some of the things I'm working on/worked on

Why choose me?

What makes me different?

For many years I have enjoyed challenges and learning how things work, not only that but how to create new and amazing things. Programming has allowed me to do this, I have spent many years perfecting my programming skills.
I am fully self taught, and I believe this gives me a competitive edge over recently graduated students(for example), I am passionate about developing, and I love every part of it, and because of this factor I will make your product amazing.

About my Web Development

I have about 3 years of web development time racked up, and a tonne of cups of coffee.
I feel my skills can go as far as my imagination, new things can sometimes be challenging, but I am able to accomplish every challenge i set out for my self.

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